The Farm Fellows

Meet Our Tremendous Fellowship of Farmers Working to Save Standardbred

We are beyond ecstatic to be working with this exceptional group of farmers. Our Fellowship program provides them with guidance, mentorship, and world-class Standardbred stock, all with the aim of rebuilding the Standardbred industry and forever changing the face of American agriculture.

Below, you will find links to our Fellow’s websites and social media channels, short bios for each fellow, product availability info, and more. If you have any questions you can reach out to the farms or contact us.

Burgin Farms

Caleb Burgin – Wauchula, FL – Breeder Fellow

Along with growing and selling mixed crops and grocery items at his Wachula Florida-based farm store, Caleb Burgin has built a promising new business selling live Standardbred poultry. Caleb has joined the Fellowship to improve his breeding skills and genetic stock.

Available Products
Chicken: Meat, Eating Eggs, Chicks, Pullets, Hatching Eggs
Turkey: Meat, Live Poultry
Breed & Varieties: Dark/WLR Cornish, Delaware, Barred Rock, Leghorn, Bronze, Narragansett, and other Non-GSC sourced Standardbred varieties.

Chosen Farms

Jed Greenberg – Pemberton, NJ – Breeder Fellow

Jed Greenberg, Executive Director of the GSC, founded his own Standardbred poultry operation in 2023. Jed’s main purpose for joining the Fellowship is to increase his breeding knowledge so he can supply Farm Fellows with stock, and make Standardbred available on the Kosher market. Jed is expecting to have Kosher available in 2024 and currently sells eggs and live poultry here.

Available Products
Chicken: Meat, Eating Eggs, Chicks, Pullets, Hatching Eggs
Turkey: Planning for 2024
Breed & Varieties: Cornish, Delaware, Barred Rock New Hampshire, Leghorn Bronze, Narragansett, Black Copper Maran (not from GSC), Americauna (not from GSC)

Feisty Acres

Abra Morawiec – Peconic, NY – Breeder Fellow

Feisty Acres has been selling game birds and heritage poultry in NYC and Brooklyn area farmers’ markets and their CSA since 2015. Managed by Abra Morawiec and her partner Chris, they decided to join the GSC Farm Fellowship so they gain access to higher quality Standardbred poultry and support Good Shepherd’s conservation efforts.

Available Products
Chicken: Meat, Eating Eggs
Turkey: Coming in 2024
Breed & Varieties: Cornish, Delaware, Barred Rock New Hampshire, Leghorn, Quail, and more.

Kinohi Poultry

Channa Kinohi – Greensboro, MD – Breeder Fellow

Channa runs a mid-sized farm that breeds, raises, and processes pasture-raised birds marketed directly to consumers and at local area farmers’ markets. Already an experienced breeder, Channa has joined the fellowship to gain access to Good Shepherd genetics and to learn more about breeding Standardbred poultry for Market.

Available Products
Chicken: Meat, Eating Eggs
Turkey: Meat, Eating Eggs
Breed & Varieties: Delaware, Slate, Narragansett, Bronze

Smoky Buttes Ranch

Joel Hicks & Matt Hemmer – Lindsborg, KS – Breeder Fellows

Joel Hicks is a breeding disciple of Matt Hemmer, a Kansas-based Standardbred poultry breeder and strong supporter of the Conservancy. Joel and Matt have joined the Fellowship to learn from Frank Reese, take on Good Shepherd lines, and to gain assistance in finding markets for their birds.

Available Products
Chicken: Meat, Eating Eggs, Live Poultry
Breed & Varieties: Barred Rock coming in 2024, Other Non-GSC Sourced Standardbred varieties are available

Ever Favor Farms

Danielle Cantrell -Woodstock, IL – Grower Fellow

Ever Favor is a three-acre pastured poultry farm in Woodstock, IL. The farm’s mission is to promote food security and sustainability by producing humanely-raised meat products with superior taste and quality. Danielle joined the Fellowship to support genetic diversity and food sovereignty.

Available Products
Chicken: Planning for 2024

Mountain Table Farm

Luke Welborn – Pembroke, VA – Grower Fellow

Luke Welborn recently moved his farm from Whitefish Montana to Virginia. Luke is committed to farming Standardbred poultry and joined the Fellowship to produce birds from the country’s only pool of “commercially viable heritage genetics”.

Available Products
Turkey: Coming in 2024
Breed & Varieties: Black, Bronze, Narragansett

Sunset Springs Ranch

Marty French – Nacogdoches, TX – Breeder Fellow

Marty French and her husband are working with the Conservancy to establish a Standardbred poultry operation on their Texas-based homestead. They hope to produce high-quality genetics, achieve profitability, and contribute to preservation through their efforts.

Available Products
Chicken: Coming in 2024
Turkey: In Planning
Breeds & Varieties: Barred Rock

J Hawk Farm

Garoleen Wilson – Smith Center, KS – Grower Fellow

Jhwak is a pastured poultry farm located near Frank Reese in Lindsborg Kansas that produces thousands of birds annually. Garoleen joined the Fellowship to transition as much as possible from hybrid to Standardbred stock in order to support preservation efforts.

Available Products
Chicken: Planning for 2024

Middle Road Farm

Martin Curry – Madeline Island, MI – Grower Fellow

Martin A Curry’s Middle Road Farm is located on Madeline Island (Moningwanakuaning), the spiritual homeland of the Ojibway People, of which he is a member. The farm uses regenerative farming practices and Martin is now working with the Good Shepherd Conservancy to integrate Standardbred turkeys into his operation.

Available Products
Turkey: Planning for 2024

TBD Farms

James Treibelhorn – Trimble, MO – Grower Fellow

James is in the planning stage of establishing his own poultry farm. While the exact scope and details of those efforts are
still a work in progress, James has begun raising a small flock of GSC birds. He intends to work closely with the Conservancy to establish an operation that will work to educate and increase food security through Standardbred conservation.

Available Products
Chickens: Date TBD
Breeds & Varieties: New Hampshire & Cornish

Hoskins Farm

Blake Hoskins – Wellington, CO – Grower Fellow

Blake Hoskins raises hay, chickens, and sheep on his Colorado-based family farm. He’s working with the GSC to establish a small dual-purpose flock that supports conservation efforts and supplies his family and local community with eggs and meat.

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