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Certified Standardbred
Poultry Products

Currently, Heritage Foods is the only commercial distributor of certified standardbred poultry products in the United States. They offer mail order shipping for retail customers and bulk distribution for restaurants and other commercial clients. As more farms and distributors begin to offer Standardbred poultry, we will update this list.

Live Standardbred Poultry

Individuals interested in show quality and backyard poultry are encouraged to get involved in the APA or other breeders club. Inquiries for authentic Standardbred birds may also be directed toward Horstman Poultry and Hubbell Spring Farm. Metzer Farms sells some Standardbred waterfowl but also deals in various hybrid breeds.

Commercial Producers

Farmers and Distributors looking to grow Standardbred poultry for commercial food production are encouraged to contact us for assistance.

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