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Thank you for your interest in our Farm Fellowship! The goal of this program is to empower farmers to save our most important market breeds of poultry from extinction. To sign up and gain access to America’s sole source of market-quality Standardbred genetics please review the program description and fill out the application form below.

Our Objective: To work with independent farmers in order to expand the population of these 10 breeds of poultry to 100,000+ Certified Standardbred animals

Program Description

The GSC Farm Fellowship gives you the tools to independently and profitably produce Standardbred heritage poultry. This program focuses on providing farmers with an in-depth understanding of the economics, husbandry practices, and marketing approaches needed for success.

From feed conversion and in-depth accounting to top-tier market-quality genetics not available anywhere else, we use our track record of success to help you achieve your objectives. Breeders in the Fellowship also receive the long-term training necessary to produce top-quality genetics and reach master breeder status.

The first step in the program is to attend our upcoming online conference, where you’ll receive instruction and training from Frank Reese and other highly skilled professionals. At the end of the conference, farmers have a choice to join the Fellowship and only then pay the annual membership fee. After this, you’ll receive Good Shepherd’s renowned Standardbred stock, enjoy ongoing mentoring every step of the way, and a myriad of other exclusive benefits.

The tables below list just some of the areas of instruction we’ll provide. To officially apply, please complete the application form.

Grower and Breeder Program / $600 Annual Fee
The history of Standardbred and industrial poultry
Choosing the right breeds for your farm
Farm Management: feeding and watering, lighting, ventilation, pest and pathogen control, nesting and egg collection, pastured production, and more
Humane catching and transport
Slaughter and processing
Financial management and record-keeping
Marketing and distribution
Cooking Standardbred
Breeder Specific Program / $1200 Annual Fee
Poultry breeding basics: the SOP, APA, and more…
Breeder management
Breeding methods: line breeding, inbreeding, and crossbreeding…
Selecting and top quality breeders for conformation and utility
Breeder biosecurity and NPIP
Hatchery management – building your hatchery, purchasing equipment, candling eggs, fertility determination, and more…
Getting Certified Standardbred by the APA
Master breeder training: ongoing mentoring and training, annual assistance with culling and selection…

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Program BenefitsGrower TrackBreeder Track
Access to Certified Standardbred genetics from famed Good Shepherd lines
Access to financial aid to support Standardbred production on your farm*
Promotion of your farm through our website, social media, email list, and farmer network
Permission to advertise as a Good Shepherd Conservancy Partner Farm**
Ongoing expert guidance in the husbandry of Standardbred poultry
Ongoing marketing and distribution consultation
Valuable networking opportunities from the Good Shepherd Conservancy and its partners
Permission to act as a Good Shepherd Approved Hatchery/Breeder**
Access to financial aid to support Standardbred breeding on the farm*
Ongoing expert training and guidance in the breeding of Standardbred poultry
*Farms must demonstrate a need and comprehensive plan for use of financial aid benefits in a way that supports Standardbred production
**To be eligible for promotion as a GSC Partner Farm or Approved Hatchery/Breeder, farms may not produce or sell any industrial hybrid poultry varieties

Farm Fellowship Application

Donation Amount
  • Friend $25+
  • Supporter $100+
  • Sustainer $1,000+
  • Partner $10,000+
  • Founder $100,000+